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If you couldn't make it to our Ultimate Trading Seminar on the 5th of July, where we ran through every detail of the strategy we’ve used to pull over 1,255.75% in just six months, and where we showed you just how easy it is for you to pull big money from the stock market again and again, then I have good news for you:

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Every secret, every idea, every technique, and every recommendation was recorded.
The Ultimate Trading DVD is now available for you to take home and watch over and over again!
Getting a copy of the DVD means you’ll be able to re-live every single insight, prediction and trading idea from the comfort of your own home, including:    

  • The secret of our proven Ultimate Trading Strategy that helped our followers bank over 1,255.75% in just six months
  • The inside scoop on how to pick the very best stocks on the market.
  • The little-known “millionaire money management” secrets you can use to ensure you limit your losses and boost your profits.
  • How you help spot winning trades from the ‘flops’
  • Help you overcome the psychological blocks that prevent most people making money from the markets.
  • Not only how you could bank regular profits… But also help you minimise those costly trading mistakes.
  • PLUS: We’ll include our Ultimate Trading Tool when you order your DVD TODAY! This tool will help you calculate exactly how many contracts to trade, and how much you could potentially bank, or lose. It’ll also protect you from not risking too much money on your trades, and will help you avoid making losses.

This DVD will be your own personal window to the day’s events - and your chance to put our Ultimate Trading Strategy to work for your own portfolio - so you too can make big money from the stock market again and again!
We’ve helped thousands of traders JUST LIKE YOU with our Ultimate Trading Strategy – Now it’s your turn!

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Because there is no event hire, no lunch bills and no event co-ordinator fees involved – You can get your hands on a copy for a fraction of the price that you would have paid for the event itself!
Order your copy of our Ultimate Trading DVD today, and you’ll get it for the special price of just R1,495. That’s a fraction of the profits you can expect to make from your very first successful trade.
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Here's to staying ahead of the game!

Timon Rossolimos, 
Head of Trading and Research, FSP Invest

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